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Your online community and portal for building deeper connection to your BREATH, ALIGNMENT and PERSONAL GROWTH

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Your online community and portal for building deeper connection to your BREATH, ALIGNMENT and PERSONAL GROWTH

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Do you feel anxiety throughout your day?

Are you tired of excessive thinking?

Do you live with minimal or extensive chronic pain?

Is it hard to catch a breath sometimes?

Do you often feel triggered or a sense of overwhelm?

Are you longing for more connection to your purpose?

Do you wish for like-minded community?

Or do you simply wish to better your life?


I hear you, I am with you and I have a new way for you. 

I had chronic pain (that I was making worse even though I was doing things that were supposed to help). I had low grade anxiety that manifested in excessive thinking, trying to control others and my environment. I woke up every morning with racing thoughts and future thinking… I felt disconnected from my true purpose in life, my soul suffered and it manifested in physical pain and obsessive thinking.
I want to give you what I gave to myself through years of study and practice. I designed this membership and this portal to give you what you are longing for. This is a gathering of stellar humans committed to changing their lives through Ritual. 

Why now? 

We are coming out of an extremely challenging 2 years. The stress accumulated needs to be released with consistency. Most will go back to being out in the world without addressing the effect 2020-2022 has had on their nervous systems.
Why not go back out into the world WHILE healing your chronic pain and stress patterns, so that you emerge fully expressing yourself from a place of peace, freedom and alignment?

ABOUT Ritual

This virtual home offers you practices and tools to dissolve physical and emotional chronic pain patterns, align with yourself and others, and transform your life. Our monthly live gatherings focus on creating ritual through transformative breath, self-inquiry and teachings to further your personal growth and fortify your leadership mind-set.

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Align in all areas of your life with consistency & like-minded community.



Gain Community

"Ritual has become an incredible blessing in my life this past year. The breath work I continue to learn from Barbara has altered my entire nervous system.  Being in community with the other members is a blessing outside of my every day life that I look forward to every month. It’s my time to be selfish and work on myself in a deep and meaningful way.  Plus, the access to Barbara’s portal of classes is an amazing bonus!"


Ritual nourishes your entire being

"My nervous system has felt a return to 'normal', and the more I practice, the more I feel this consistently."


Your in home healing space

"I love the accessibility to be led in breath and body work in my free time from home."


Self Love & Self Care

"I feel a great blend of grounding energy and enthusiasm to go about my day after a class. My mind is able to let go of my worries while my body is able to get some love and attention it requires from hours of sitting in front of computers."


Find Deeper Meaning

"I have never done breathwork like that and that was incredibly profound and you are an amazing teacher. I had some downloads and deceased loved ones come through. I was so clear. It was the best high I have ever had… and that high, that deep connection to God is within every one of us."

How it works...


- Online Live Gatherings with Barbara

MEET - The 3rd or 4th Saturday or Sunday of the Month on Zoom 9-10:30 am PT

CHECK-IN - off load what is coming up, feel heard and be acknowledged

BREATHE - Barbara leads you through basic breath you can use everyday, plus an extended transformative breath practice created as medicine for healing your nervous system

MEDITATE - After the breath you will DESIRE meditation and it will most likely be the easiest you have ever experienced, while you feel into all that the breath brought up and released

CONTEMPLATE - Each month brings a new theme or teaching. We contemplate, lean into and discuss our self reflections.


- Online Membership Portal

UNLIMITED ACCESS to The Ritual Library. As a member, login & create Ritual anywhere you have Wifi.




About Barbara

Self-aware individuals work with me to align, define and design massive freedom because most live in constant pain, overwhelm, stress and disconnect from true potential. I help address, relieve and transmute unhealthy habits to break free and easily move into a new way of being. I have worked with hundreds of clients restoring their nervous systems, re-aligning their physical bodies, and giving them peace of mind.

I have been on a path towards physical & emotional freedom for my entire lifetime. After injuring my depleted dancer's body and recognizing my suffering soul, I began to explore in order to heal. I studied functional movement, anatomy dissection, breath, meditation, various healing modalities and wisdom practices with some of the most beloved teachers. I healed myself (and continue to do so, shedding what does not serve and integrating what does). These integrated practices I continue to offer in my private sessions, courses, retreats and programs. With every student, I continue to learn the uniqueness of every being and that the body is limitless in its capability for healing.

“When we begin moving and breathing the way we are innately designed, the body functions, dances and flows at a supremely high vibration. This freedom is where the deepest healings can take place and where we are able to transmute our old patterns into new dynamisms and essentially LIVE this life to the fullest.”

What to expect in 2022

  • Monthly Live Sessions with Barbara
  • New videos added to the portal MONTHLY

  • Monthly and bi-monthly email check-ins with inspiring PDF worksheets or self-reflective prompts in preparation for Saturday sessions.

  • Master Guest Teachers every other month (details to the right)

  • Yoga Teacher & Astrologer Sarah Reese joins us with classes and readings in the portal!

  • SPECIAL GIFT - Being You workbook by Elena Brower

  • Extra LIVE sessions to deepen our work

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Live Sessions Schedule


January - Being You & 2022 Vision Work

February - The Enneagram with Barrett Friebert

March - Being You & Leadership

(Extra Session) - The Work of Byron Katie

April - Intuitive Teacher Tawny Avonne

May - Being You & Leadership

June - Functional Astrology with Sarah Reese



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Why Ritual?


  • You want a simple practice to create more PEACE in your life. 
  • You desire like-minded community to support your new found peace.
  • You want a safe space to shed unhealthy habits, create new practices and explore deeper parts of yourself.
  • You are comforted knowing you have a portal you can access anytime to release physical pain, decompress and revitalize.

If you are unsatisfied for any reason, unsubscribe at anytime.


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Ritual Membership


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  • New videos added to the portal MONTHLY

  •  Inspiring PDF worksheets

  •  Master Guest Teachers every other month (details to the right)

  • Yoga Teacher & Astrologer Sarah Reese joins us with classes and readings in the portal!

  • SPECIAL GIFT - Being You workbook by Elena Brower

  • Extra LIVE sessions to deepen our work

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